Our Mission

  • Work relentlessly to find, support, and transform great ideas into successful market innovations
  • Provide practical, business-oriented advice for companies and help inventors realize the fruits of their creativity
  • Support pioneering companies in understanding the risks associated with IP and develop strategies to mitigate these
  • Collaborate and assist inventors and companies in assessing market opportunities, securing IP protection, negotiating partner and licensing arrangements, and successfully moving through the commercialization process
  • Advise organizations in discovering, creating, developing, renovating and repurposing intellectual assets such that they provide value to companies and society at large


Our Work

    Intellectual Property Strategy

    • Guide your organization in developing greater understanding of the "what" and "why" of your intellectual property assets, building a customized program around your specific needs
    • Promote greater understanding of the role IP plays in your market, threats your company may be facing, and opportunities to profit from your innovations

    Invention Harvesting

    • Capture the most relevant innovation, creativity and knowledge that already exists inside your organization
    • Analyze the IP landscape of your industry to inform and lead customized, well-structured invention sessions

    Intellectual property transactions and due Diligence 

    • Examine the strength of patent acquisition, divestiture and licensing opportunities, determine their potential contribution to your technology and product, and provide advice on valuation methodologies 

    Infringement Analysis and Claim Chart development 

    • Scrutinize potential patent infringements of your competitors and illustrate the analysis in rigorous, detailed claim charts

    Patent Preparation

    • Develop high quality patents that are aligned with your business strategy through our marquis partner firms at competitive cost

    Standardization Strategy

    • Appraise the possibility of your company's involvement in developing and adapting industry standards and suggest ways to effectively leverage this association in your business