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August 28, 2018    QipWorks Introduces the Annual "Johanna Dwyer Women in IP Award" and Names Daniela Sanchez the 2018 Recipient

Johanna Dwyer, founder and Chief Executive Officer of QipWorks, introduces an annual awards program that recognizes women of excellence in the field of intellectual property.

June 8, 2018    QipWorks Partners Johanna Dwyer and Paul Carpenter Named to IAM Strategy 300, The World's Leading IP Strategists

The IAM Strategy 300 lists those individuals who have been shown to possess world-class skills in the development and roll-out of  strategies that maximise the value of patents, copyright, trademarks and other IP rights.                    

June 5, 2018    QipWorks Expands, Forming a Partnership With Paul Carpenter 

Paul Carpenter to speak at IAM's IPBC Global Conference in San Francisco on June 11, 2018. 

June 1, 2018    "Building an effective, business-based patent portfolio"

QipWorks contributes to IAM Magazine, offering businesses ideas for initiating proactive plans for managing and maximizing the value of their intellectual property.



QipWorks Media:

The Challenges of Research Organizations

R&D-focused organizations are up against significant challenges when selecting the right mix of projects to push forward. Johanna Dwyer discusses the challenges inherent to selecting projects that meet overall business and portfolio goals.


What challenges do research organizations content with when selecting projects?

"One of the biggest challenges is that you’re selecting a project at the project level, but you need to do it with a view of the whole portfolio and understanding where it fits into your portfolio goals, which are part of the research and development goals and therefore part of the business goals so you can’t look at a project individually without trying to put it in the framework of what are you trying to achieve with your portfolio."


what are the challenges when transitioning projects from research to commercialization?

"Bringing the technology up through the business development channels through R&D within the business and then deploying it inside the business may even be harder than bringing it up through R&D and selling it outside."