The Inukshuk


Our path

A patent in the technology landscape is much like an Inukshuk (plural Inuksuit) in the Arctic tundra. These unique monuments of unworked stone figures used by the Inuit for communication and survival are made from the materials at hand and reflect the core ideals of their creators. 

Inuksuit are a welcome sight to a traveler on a featureless and forbidding landscape. The striking sculptures serve as navigational or directional aids, often leading the way over great distances and indicating "You are on the right path..." They can also mark boundaries around a specific place, indicating property rights and evolution over time. A patent in the technology ecosystem is much like an Inukshuk in the Arctic: it is unique and made from the ideas we have within ourselves. 

We are proud to have the Inukshuk as a symbol of the work we do in helping companies of all sizes navigate their Intellectual Property Path, and we strive to live up to their enduring service and dignity.